Frequently Asked Questions

Mission of the Office of Catholic Schools

In the spirit of servant leadership, the Office of Catholic Schools provides vision, direction, and supervision to the Archdiocesan Catholic school communities in order to assist them in the achievement of their mission.

» How is St. Bernadette School funded?

St. Bernadette Catholic School is funded through tuition, fundraising, parish support, grant support, and philanthropic support.

» What can parents do to help Catholic schools?

Parents are the primary stakeholders for the ongoing success of our Catholic schools. In addition to having confidence that their children will experience a more complete development and unsurpassed academic and personal success, parents must support Catholic schools by:

  1. Enrolling their child(ren) in a Catholic school following the school’s enrollment timeline and schedules.
  2. Continuing to be positive school ambassadors to help build enrollment at their local school and throughout the system of Catholic schools.
  3. Building community through personal relationships marked by mutual trust, close cooperation, and continuing dialogue between parents, school administration and staff.
  4. Actively participating in fundraising efforts and volunteering to participate in school and parish events. Parents are encouraged to volunteer at least 20 hours per year. More information can be obtained in the school office.
  5. Attending Mass regularly and actively engaging in the life of the Parish – being a registered, active, present and supporting parishioner.

» How can we pay our tuition?

It costs over $6,000 a year to educate your child effectively, but we work with each family on a NEED basis and do our best to help find scholarships or other means of financial aid when applicable. Please remember that Catholic school is an investment in your child’s future.

One payment at beginning of year, then deduct 2% of total tuition or

Monthly – ten or twelve equal payments, depending upon your preference.

» What is your average class size?

St. Bernadette students benefit from more individual attention in small class sizes. Most of our classes have approximately 15-20 students per class.

» What kind of testing does your school use and how do you rank?

We use the Iowa Tests of Basics Skills. Our students always score above average nationally per grade level. We also administer the COGAT (Cognitive Abilities) test to determine ability strengths or weaknesses in regard to learning.

» What kind of curriculum do you follow?

We follow the recommendations from the Archdiocese of Denver in all core subjects (including the Catholic religion) and also art, music, and technology. A copy of the curriculum can be found on their website www.archden.org under “Catholic Schools”.

» What are your school hours?

Arrival and Dismissal:
Students may start arriving at school at 7:45 a.m. Prior to that time, students must be supervised in our Sunrise/Sunset program until released, at which time all students should go directly to their classrooms.

School hours are:

8 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Students must leave the school grounds by 3:15 p.m. or go to After School Care until parents arrive.

» At what age can my child start school?

The following age requirement must be met during the school year of which the child is enrolled:

5 years old by Oct. 1st

Preschool – 3 years old by Oct 1st.
Pre-Kindergarten 4/5 year olds must be 4 by Oct. 1
All children must be toilet trained before beginning school

» What type of fundraisers do you do?

Fundraising is necessary to help keep tuition at a reasonable rate. The fundraisers at St. Bernadette’s help to foster community within the school, too. Several fundraisers that are held throughout the school year are:

World’s Finest Chocolate Sales

Turkey Bingo

Butter Braid Sales or Cookie Dough or Other Great Ideas

Book Fair – Our book fair is normally offers hundreds of books at a reasonable cost and are displayed for all reading levels. St. Bernadette’s receives a percentage for all books sold as well as new books for the library.

Annual Spring Auction – An adults only evening where donated items are auctioned off. Items range from tickets to a Rockies game or a week long  vacation spot. There is always something for everyone.

Spaghetti Dinner/Basket Raffle – Usually in January or February, we have a community spaghetti meal and raffle off themed baskets of many varieties, such as: movie fun, girl’s hair designs, boy’s sports, girls or boys toys, gardening, sports tickets packages, love and relaxation, etc. Something for everyone!

» What are Grocery Cards?

The grocery cards program provides a means for our school/parish to raise additional funds without people needing to spend money they wouldn’t otherwise.  It costs you nothing except a few minutes to exchange your cash or check for an equal value cash card from King Soopers or Safeway. Cards may be reloaded to help benefit our school. The school receives 5% of sales.
Gift cards are sold at the school office and after weekend Masses at the parish church. All you have to do is “trade” your cash for the same value of a card.

» What is your uniform policy?

St. Bernadette Catholic School’s uniform is designed to reflect our oneness in faith, promote an atmosphere of academic excellence, and support our sense of community within our parish. The clothing regulations are a reflection of the high standards expected by our Archbishop, Superintendent of Catholic schools, Pastor, Principal, faculty, and parents who wish to provide our children with an outstanding Catholic education.  Uniforms help ensure that our students’ self-esteem comes from internal feelings of success not related to external trappings, like clothing.  Click here for more details.

» Are Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Denver accredited?

All Archdiocese of Denver Catholic Schools are accredited by AdvancED and the North Central Association, and are designated Catholic by the Archbishop of Denver.

» Do Catholic schools have certified, licensed teachers on staff?

All teachers in the Archdiocese of Denver Catholic Schools are required to have a state license. All teachers are required to have Catechetical Certification through the Catechetical School at the Archdiocese of Denver.

» What is the Archdiocese of Denver Catholic Schools?

The Archdiocese of Denver Catholic Schools is the largest private school system in the state of Colorado with over 10,000 students receiving a quality, Catholic education based on faith formation, rigorous academics, nurturing community, and reinforcement of family environment.

» What is St. Bernadette’s relationship with the Archdiocese of Denver?

St. Bernadette’s school is part of and operates under the authority of the Archbishop of Denver and is therefore referred to as an Archdiocesan Catholic School. Consequently, the Office of Catholic Schools mandates our curriculum, textbooks, school calendar, etc.

» How many schools are in the Archdiocese of Denver Catholic Schools?

The Archdiocese of Denver Catholic Schools system is comprised of 36 parish elementary schools and 2 archdiocesan high schools.