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St. Bernadette School Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)

Tier 1 The primary section contains books for students in Pre-K throuh those in 2nd grade. This includes easy-to-handle picture books, well-known series with familiar plot lines (Berenstain Bears, Curious George, etc.), and books selected for curriculum or student interests, including many award-winning titles. Four separate cases of “gold star” books, with authors like Dr. Seuss and characters like Amelia Bedelia, are dedicated to introducing reading concepts to emergent readers as well as providing a variety of levels to challenge transitional readers.
Tier 2 The second tier encompasses fiction and non-fiction holdings directed toward students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. Fiction titles include Catholic Christian-themed stories, as well as classic authors like Judy Blume and classical literature like “The Jungle Book”. Non-fiction titles are equally varied, both in subject and reading level. Titles are selected primarily to enhance the range of quality literature, but also to offer popular series and/or entertainment-based titles as recreational reading and or opportunities to inspire hesitant students to become life-long readers.
Tier 3 The third tier contains more mature literature for students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades and non-fiction sources for research projects, cross-subject studies, and individual enrichment. High-quality literature titles are chosen based on their ability to contribute toward the education of the whole person. Many books are award winners, frequently used as classroom curriculum to teach complex themes and literary concepts, contrast writing styles and methods, and relate historical and religious issues to the human experience.

Library Catalog

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The three sections include religious materials suitable for the various age groups. Simplified tales from the Old and New Testaments, as well as picture stories of the Saints are included in the primary section. Bible story collections and more detailed lives of the Saints are available for the middle-level students.

Religious reference and resource materials for the older students and adults include a variety of standard Bible translations (RSV, NAB, etc.), volumes from the latest “Catholic Commentary on Scripture” series, scriptural and theological journals that include the latest biblical scholarship, biblical atlases, catechisms, as well as the complete four-volume set of “Butler’s New Lives of the Saints”, and the 19-volume Catholic Encyclopedia including index and supplements.

All three sections, also, contain fiction and non-fiction: Fiction being shelved alphabetically by author’s last name; Non-fiction organized by a customized Dewey Decimal system. Complete collection numbers approximately 17,000 items available for circulation. Notable holdings include: 8 complete sets of World Book Encyclopedias, most recent year 2009, a 43 country set of “Major World Nations” world geography books published 1999-2000, a complete 2002 set of AAA United States tour books with associated maps, a full set of Presidential Biographies, Washington through Clinton, with additional items on Presidents Bush and Obama, a 52-item set of “States of the U.S.”, including Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C., published 1998-2001, and two full sets of National Geographic archives, each covering the last 40 years.

New items replacing dated materials, supplements for popular sections, and supporting classroom needs are added weekly to the extensive holdings of the library.

Acquisitions for the library at St. Bernadette School are funded by a “New Book Fair” held in the Fall, normally coinciding with mandatory parent-teacher conferences. A secondary source is Title VI, The Innovative Education Grant, variable in amount according to student population figure, and other legal requirements. Additional funding comes from occasional bequests and memorial donations, and staffing and supplies are covered through the general school budget.


Student Use

Students in each grade visit the library weekly, during a scheduled 30-minute class period for checking out materials for recreation reading and classroom assignments. Non-scheduled blocks of time on Mondays and Fridays provide options for additional research periods, video presentations, oral reports, demonstrations and poetry readings using the library facilities. Materials are returned on a weekly basis, with unlimited renewals, barring a listed hold on an item. The numbers of items for an individual checkout is limited by individual classroom teacher policies and the responsibility of the student in returning them.


Staff and Volunteers

The library is staffed by a paid staff member and a team of parent volunteers. Tasks performed by the library crew include collaborative lesson planning with teachers, circulation and shelving, processing new acquisitions, assisting students with classroom and research assignments, updating electronic bibliography records, maintaining and educating students and staff regarding the computer systems and database which host an Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC).

Volunteers are always welcome, and a variety of needs are available to fit the availability of volunteers. Work is performed primarily during the school day with several weekend or evening “Friends of the Library” work days throughout the year.

The library crew has in progress the development of a customized computer database for the purpose of catalog and cross-referencing services. When complete, this will provide a detailed record of the library’s holdings. The cross-reference service is available via the library’s computer and will be available in the future through the school’s computer lab and possibly, the school’s website.